2019 Beard of The Year Winner

We know it’s the 3rd month into the year 2019, but if you’re anything like us, these last two months have felt like an extended directors cut ending of  2018. I know we can’t be the only ones looking over our past black history month with side eyes and shaking heads at the mockery. For all that it’s worth, the one constant we have to look forward to daily is the amazing bearded black men we get to connect with creating black history every single day. We are black history! Earlier this year we in conjunction with the release of our annual calendar hosted our Beard Of The Year contest. This year’s contest not only wins bragging rights along with a luxury prize package sponsored by Carter Isaiah Brand and Doux Sept. This year we received over 4000 votes and without further ado the winner is…

David Opegbemi


Dallas, TX 

Hardwork and Dedication, because I’m truly blessed to have the grit to chase my dreams, while providing for my family at the same time. It’s not easy, but nothing worth having, or accomplishing, comes easy. If that means working three days straight with only 3 hours of sleep within that span of 3 days, than that is what I’m willing to do. I love my art, but as of right now, it’s not enough financially to provide for my family . I know in my heart that one day it will be more than enough, but until it is, I’m doing both. I’m always working hard for my family, but I’m dedicated to my passion for acting.
— David Opegbemi