Mr. February 2019

Name: Anthony Sasser

Location: Dallas, TX

Age: 26

Occupation: Customer service Representative

Status: In a relationship

Greatest strength: Faith

Current Chapter of Life: The fruition of affirmation

Words from our 2019 BMWB Mr. February:

Ever since I can remember all that I’ve wanted and prayed for was to be a model and an entertainer. The previous year was the breaking point for me and everything else has thankfully fallen into place right along with everything else. The beard to me represents history, roots and power. It reminds me of change and the importance of growth. When speaking on the climate of black men in America, I feel it’s become centered around superficial and around things that aren’t sustainable. A lot of the negative is being purposely highlighted to tear down the confidence of the black man, when in reality we are at our most precious moments of taking back our culture and pride. Social Media has been one of the most powerful tools to promote our truth. My one piece of advice to young black boys in America is to know that we are as powerful as we believe we are. There is unity and strength left in our communities regardless of what’s being pushed in front of us.