Karl Jackson


Meet Karl Jackson from Houston, TX.  An IT project manager and CVO of Black Beard Brigade, a philanthropic beard care line dedicated to providing quality products and reinvesting a portion of the proceeds back into the community.  Although a corporate professional, he has an entrepreneurial spirit that leads him to look for opportunities to build.   Rather its a startup company or partnering with other like minded individuals, Jackson knows true freedom is in communal wealth.  He is always on the look out for ways to build connections finding ways to develop multiple streams of income.  Get to know this humble laid back bearded black man a bit more below. 

BMWB:  Why did you decided to let the beard grow?

Karl:  It started during No Shave November several years ago. I started letting it grow out and started liking it, so I decided to let it grow for a few more months. Prior to that, I always had the connecting sideburns with a long goatee. When I finally decided to get rid of it, I was down in Atlanta. I went over to Atlanta's Finest Barber Shop and I told the owner to go ahead and thin me back out. He pretty much cursed me out for him and all of the others that struggle to grow a beard. Hahaha. I never attempted to cut it again.

BMWB:  What's your beard regime?

Karl:  Once a week I use a face and beard cleaner from Black Beard Brigade. I will use a natural castile soap no more than three times a week to wash my beard. Outside of that, my favorite products to use are Black Beard Brigade Oil and Butter. If I shower in the morning, then I will apply some beard oil to my damp beard after drying with a microfiber towel. Then, I will use some beard butter prior to leaving the house. Sometimes, I apply some beard butter before bed, especially if I shower at night. Having a good sandlewood comb has also been key.

For the Black man to help invest in his community, he first needs to invest in his health and home first.
— Karl Jackson

BMWB:  What are your hobbies?

Karl:  I can't say that I have one particular hobby. They change based on my interest at the time, but I love sports, anime, and food. I have gotten into reading books more than I did when I was in school. Most recently, I read '3 Kings: Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Hip-Hop's Multibillion-Dollar Rise by Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too by Gary Vaynerchuk, and just started Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio. Another thing I am into is Equity Crowdfund Investing which is different from the normal crowdfunding.

BMWB:  Are there any organizations you're part of?


  • The Legion of Visionaries

  • EFTA (Education for a Future Tomorrow)

  • Golden Key International Honour Society,

  • AMU/APU African American Learning Inclusion Guidance Network

BMWB:  What does the beard mean to you?

Karl:  My beard is just who I am right now and means I do not have to walk around looking like a teenager hahaha. It does help make me appear more confident. I get folks that mention that I have a few strands of gray hair in my beard, but that is just wisdom.

BMWB:  What are you most proud of?

Karl:   To be a great leader, you have to be a leader of leaders. I am most proud of how I have been molded in my upbringing and able to adapt to any situation. This has allowed me to provide opportunities and knowledge to kids from middle school through college because I can relate to them. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

BMWB:  What do you feel about the social climate of black men in America?

Karl:  There is a lot of work that needs to be done. We get some caught up in the things that do not matter, that we forget to make sure we take care of the people that do. For the Black man to help invest in his community, he first needs to invest in his health and home first. Those are two areas where some seem to fall short.

BMWB:  What is your greatest strength?

Karl:  My ability to analyze and breakdown situations and present solutions to problems that those involved may not have been aware of. It allows me to help improve processes or avoid bad situations in my personal life and career.

BMWB:  Tell us your top 5 things on your bucket list


  1. Expand Black Beard Brigade

  2. Explore/Travel Africa

  3. Help Rebuild a Black Community

  4. Go to Bora Bora

  5. Enjoy Life