Anttwon Thames

I am a culture
— Anonymous Culture

Meet Anttwon Thames, better known as Anonymous Culture, an American music artist and full time rapper from Pleasant Grove (Dallas), TX. Thames has had such a colorful and successful career thus far, and what stands out the most besides the relentless talent, is his signature style and look. From the unique haircuts to the beard to rocking a well tailored suit while spitting the hottest 16, Anttwon Thames is the perfect blend of hip hop and gentleman. His eagerness to achieve beyond his wildest dreams while being a positive role model for black boys and men across the country is admirable. A consistent blue print for the things an independent successful grind can do for you as a rapper when you are true to yourself, your brand and music, Anonymous Culture has broken the mold and is leading the way in showing our youth they can do great and amazing things. With his "I Am A Culture" brand, he empowers both youth and adults to embrace their individuality. Still on a high from the recent release of his latest project "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" and just days away from finding out what will baby #3 be (we're super excited for him and his wife), we were able to chop it up with the the Greedy Groove lyric slayer, and got to know him a little better. Check out what he has to say below. 

BMWB: Why did you decide to let the beard grow?

© Black Men With Beards

© Black Men With Beards

Anonymous Culture: I wanted to look older. I look very young for my age without it.

BMWB: What is your beard care regime?

Anonymous Culture: Honestly, I don't have one. God made me this way. I get my haircut and beard trimmed once a week. The barber shapes it up for me but no "regime".

BMWB: What are your hobbies?

Anonymous Culture:  Making music, playing Madden, being a dad and husband. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs, working them out or just playing around with them. 

BMWB: What organizations are you a part of?

Anonymous Culture: I am the music artist" Anonymous Culture" and owner of the brand "I Am A Culture."

I’ve changed the story of the stereotype
— Anonymous Culture

BMWB: Well Mr. Thames, tell us what does the beard mean to you?

Anonymous Culture: At this point, it means a lot to me. It's just as important as the haircut I wear. Actually it's become the cut itself. I don't feel complete if it (my beard) isn't right.

BMWB: So Anonymous, tell us a bit about yourself.

Anonymous Culture: I'm 5'7, brown eyes, black hair!!! Hahahahaha, no seriously, I'm a clown. I love to prank and play jokes on my close friends and love ones. I'm not very open to new people, but love making people happy. Weird right? I may be one of the last ones to love, LOVE! I love love and everything about it. 

BMWB: What are you most proud of?

Anonymous Culture: I'm most proud of myself. The fact that what I've come from and where I am and the visions to where I want to be...I've changed the story to the stereotype!

BMWB: What do you feel about the social climate of black men in America?

Anonymous Culture: I believe we are now in a transition for the greater good. I'm noticing the effects of what's going on in the world actually making a lot of our black men better men, fathers, and people.

© D. Lacy Photography

© D. Lacy Photography

BMWB: What are your greatest strengths?

Anonymous Culture: My greatest strength is having and keeping a glass half full mentality in life. With many curve balls thrown my way, sometimes it's easy to get down on yourself and become stressed out. One thing about me, I stay positive through it all.

BMWB: Tell us the top 5 things on your bucket list

Anonymous Culture

  1. Buy a house with a moat

  2. Sell out American Airlines Center (Dallas)

  3. Visit EVERY country

  4. Own a building on the Dallas "Skyline"

  5. Purchase the city of Honey Grove, TX and give it to my granny for all she's endured there!

Do yourselves a favor and press play on the video below, check out Anonymous Culture doing what he does best...

Anonymous Culture

"Go Getta"

The Annexation of Puerto Rico Album Available Now!

Video by Jeff Adair Films Video Production Co