Brennan Manuel

Meet Brennan Manuel, menswear designer from New Orleans who's truly living out his dreams in the most creative and expressive ways possible. His journey into and through fashion is nothing short of inspiring and the true definition of listening and following ones heart. While embarking on a law degree from Tulane School of Law, Brennan would have an epiphany and go on to make one of the best decisions for his career. He enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology's Menswear Design program and the rest is history. As founder of the Brennan Manuel collection and 6AMa clothing line representing those who believe luxury is a state of mind; those who are up early to rise and getting in late because they know success doesn't stop, Brennan's approach to life and fashion are as seamless as the hems and as intricate as the stitching of his garments. From the school of law to the architect of fashion design, Brennan embodies his brand and remains yet a mysterious man of many talents. Get to know a bit more about Brennan as we caught up with him not long ago. 

BMWB:  Why did you decide to let the beard grow?

Brennan:  An ex girlfriend of mine from years back was Muslim. Her being around so many bearded men, she recommended that I let it grow and stop cutting it.  Since then, it has been a pivotal part of my "look".

BMWB:  What is your beard care regime?

Brennan: Very simple actually. I'll shampoo when needed and apply light organic castor oil while still damp.  Brush through with the grain.

BMWB:  What are your hobbies?

Brennan:  My hobbies include designing and styling. I'm an art curator, writer and generally a chill, sociable person.

BMWB:  What organizations are you a part of?

Brennan:  The Temple of Self Actualization

BMWB: So Brennan, what does the beard mean to you?

Brennan: I think it shapes my face and give is more gravitas.

BMWB: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Brennan: I think learning is the best intimacy.

BMWB:  What are you most proud of?

Brennan: I'm proud of being able to express myself the way I choose to.

BMWB: What do you feel about the social climate of black men in America?

Brennan:  Black men are feared because they are still thought of as physically superhuman predators. A myth that was created by scientific racism, and continually perpetuated by fostering criminal behavior through the pulling of resources in black communities through things such as the American Housing Act of 1949.  As much as black men are feared they are also secretly revered as the arbiters of what is cool in America's pop culture. They are the country's taste-makers, trend-setters, cultural influencers, which is powerful.

BMWB:  What is your greatest strength?

Brennan:  My greatest strength is my creativity.

BMWB: Tell us your top 5 things on your bucket list


  1. Travel more

  2. Love more

  3. Fine tune my focus and vision

  4. Try my hand at music again

  5. Express myself through film as well