K.G. Graham

Being black in America is a full time job.
— K.G. Graham

Meet K.G. Graham, the Panamanian BK Texan (yes you read that right) who's brought immense light to just how powerful the right COSIGN can be for one's career and life for that matter. What he has done with his publication and media company over the last 5 years is nothing short of the by product of hard work and dedication to a solid vision.  As the founder and creative director of COSIGN Magazine and COSIGN Media Group, K.G. has created a bar and consistently raised it with each new publication release and with every dope curated fashion forward event.  With "The COSIGN Experience," an annual fundraising event produced by COSIGN Magazine and COSIGN Media to celebrate the publications anniversary happening in just a couple of months, we're excited to shine some light on K.G. at this time. Nice beard for someone who says they're fairly new to the beard game. Get to know Mr. COSIGN a little better below. 

BMWB:  Why did you decide to let the beard grow?

K.G.:  I decided to let my beard grow because I wanted to try something different.  When I first started growing facial hair I always had the thin chin strap but I looked like everyone else.  When I spent those two years in Afghanistan I really got to see some of the most amazing beards from the locals to the Navy Seals who grew their beards out for missions.  I noticed they stood out, and I wanted to try that one day.  Now that I'm a little older I decided why not.

BMWB:  What is your beard care regime?

K.G.:  My beard regime is pretty simple.  I shampoo and condition it 2-3 times a week and make sure to apply coconut oil to it.  I'm pretty new to the beard game, but once I figure out the best regime for me, I'm coming for the elite beards, lol. 

BMWB:  What are your hobbies?

K.G.:  I truly enjoy playing basketball, working out, reading, and learning new things.

BMWB:  Are there any organizations you belong to?

K.G.:  I am the Founder of and Creative Director of COSIGN Magazine and COSIGN Media Group

BMWB:  Well K.G. we'd all like to know, what does the beard mean to you?

K.G.:  The beard means strength and confidence to me.  Most people who have beards are confident and strong people.  They say strength is in your hair. Mines will be my facial hair.

BMWB:  Tell us a bit about yourself.

K.G.:  Growing up with Panamanian parent help shape my work ethic.  I'm overly ambitious because they truly instilled the belief in me that if I want something, work for it and it will be yours.  I also grew up a military brat so I've lived all over the U.S.  In 2009 I took a contracting job working in Afghanistan. I spent two years of my life overseas between Afghanistan and Dubai.  Those two years help sap me to become the man I am today. 

Creating a company is cool, raising a daughter is monumental!
— K.G. Graham

BMWB:  What are you most proud of?

K.G.:  I'm most proud of my daughter.  She's nine years old and recently became student of the month at her elementary school and the MVP of her volleyball team.  She's been through a lot in her nine years of existence and and she has the best attitude, she genuinely loves people, and she motivates me to be the best person I can be.  Creating a company is cool, raising a daughter is monumental!

BMWB:  What do you feel about the social climate of Black Men in America?

K.G.:  I feel two ways about the social climate of black men in America.  One, its the perfect time to be black in America because we create whats cool.  We are pop culture.  Companies are targeting their marketing campaigns to our demographic.  We have the power to influence.  Then two, it's difficult because racism, still exists. prime example our President and the fact that black men are still getting murdered by cops who are suppose to serve and protect.  Being black in America is a full time job.

BMWB:  What do you feel is your greatest strength?

K.G.:  My greatest strength is the support of my team, family, and friends. Without them I wouldn't be able to operate in in the capacity that I do.  They help me with ideas, concepts, and execution. Without them, I am nothing.

BMWB:  Tell us the top 5 things on your bucket list 


  1. Travel the world the entire year

  2. Go skydiving

  3. Document a road trip from L.A. to Brooklyn

  4. See the pyramids

  5. Buy land in my native country Panama

Be sure to check out whats the latest in music, entertainment and fashion to get that COSIGN by checking out the official website www.cosignmag.com.  Follow K.G.'s pictorial moves on Instagram and grab you a ticket or two two the COSIGN Experience, happening this summer in Dallas, TX  July 13 through the 16 2017.