Franklin Moss

“How I present myself, sets the scale on how far my voice travels.  Fashion has always been the idea of ones style, the feeling of individuality but it is truly my expression of being a Black Man and expressing the greatness of which I am and where I came from.”

— Franklin Moss
© Black Men With Beards

© Black Men With Beards

Meet Franklin Moss, the distinguished gentleman with impeccable style from Fort Worth, Texas.

As the Founder of  Franklin & Anthony, a bespoke custom suit company, Moss has made it not only acceptable but stylish as well to flaunt the beard in a cooperate setting.

In times where trends and fads in mens fashion could raise a few eyebrows, Moss promotes and advocates the importance of a well dressed man. Would it be too cliche to say when you look good, you feel good? Not at all to Franklin Moss. He likes to lead by example. Having founded a suit making company, it is only right he rocks a suit daily. 

All men with beards have a great story as to why they decided to let the beard grow. Franklin's is actually quite charming.

BMWB: Why did you decide to let your beard grow?

Franklin: Originally, I had my face bald. But my wife asked me to grow it out in 2014. I started maintaining it and that's when the beard game came.

BMWB: What are your hobbies?

Franklin: Mens Fashion. I like finding the perfect fabric, thinking of the best combination. I enjoy putting women in wonderful stylish attire, listening to music and battling intellectual debates. Playing dominoes. I destroy self esteems on the domino table. I love eating pizza and finding delicious dishes. I also love cuddling.

BMWB: Are there any organizations you're a part of?

Franklin: Community Frontline, a group about the Ft. Worth community in all aspects of its growth and development. I'm also a member of the NAACP and most recent The Black Dandies, which is group of fashion influencers that are inspired by their culture and the people we mentor or look to in our surrounding world. 

BMWB: So Franklin, what does the beard mean to you?

Franklin: It is the equivalent of the lion's mane to a lion's kingship. It represents my crown. Its my tickler and thigh rubber (joking). I feel strength, I feel more of a man but that's maybe because so many can't grow one. 

© Black Men With Beards

© Black Men With Beards

BMWB: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Franklin: Well, I love long walks on the stair master and deep dish pizza, lol.  Well, I'm a so called modern day Renaissance man, a man in love with music ranging from rap to jazz and knowing the history behind it.  I am encouraged by the culture of my people. I enjoy learning new facts,  old myths and new information about my history, finding art and seeing shows( but such a movie buff). I'm also a goofy individual. I move with a persona of being a cool guy but I'm a goof ball. Also hella manish.

By owning a custom suit company Franklin & Anthony, wearing a suit became a way of self marketing. Franklin vowed to wear a "good" suit every day. Creating those positive images of successful black men, Moss is dedicated to making sure that he represents for other black males, both old and young, so that they can be proud and aspire to be as well. 

“I started to grow in pride, knowing that I was a well dressed black man and people looked at me as a successful individual even more. The suit represents a sign of my current mindset, my potential position, and how far from my start I have come.” 
— Franklin Moss

BMWB: What are you most proud of?

Franklin: Talking to my wife she helped me to see the thing that I’m most proud of is my willingness to step out on faith and build a business without a background in fashion. I stepped out of my comfort zone, researched, and will continue to do so, all aspects of custom tailoring, and had faith that God would open doors to facilitate growth. I’m proud of my company Franklin & Anthony, the direction we’re going, and proud to have a family that stands beside me and supports my dream.

BMWB: What are your thoughts about the social climate of Black Men in America.

Franklin: I believe society paints a picture that black men are a lost cause. They highlight our criminal statistics while ignoring our accomplishments. We’re shown as being absent in the home, non committal in relationships, unfaithful, and not able or even wanting to provide for our families. That’s why Franklin & Anthony is so important. We want to get our black men back in suits. Looking a certain way causes you to feel a certain way, and then act a certain way. It’s important that we change the way we look at ourselves and not allow society’s attitude toward us determine who are.

BMWB: What do you feel is your greatest strength?

Franklin: My wife revealed to me that my greatest strength is my ability to never meet a stranger. I can walk any where and work the room, able to open up conversation with any individual and open up as well a have them open up in conversation naturally. My next greatest strength Is my wife, who when I’m at my lowest helps me to remember where I am. Her tactics might not be there greatest but it works none the less.

BMWB: Tell us the top 5 things on your bucket list


  1. Franklin & Anthony built it into a franchise of beautiful shops around the world of full bespoke experience as I envision giving to my clients

  2. Skateboard in Tokyo, Japan

  3. Go to a crowded bar and yell " Drinks on me!" ( and mean it)

  4. Watch my children grow and have children

  5. live to the age of an old man that has traveled far and wide, leaving something righteous for his great great grandchildren

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