4 Reasons Believing in Yourself is Essential


This is urgent, people. So I’m just going to head right on into the reasons:

You are a supreme, powerful and divine being

Need I say more? Just let it sink in. The power we yield as spiritual beings is beyond what our 5 physical senses can comprehend. There is so much more to us than what meets our physical body. And in order to really embody this, you need to truly believe this is the case. Your subconscious mind believes whatever you tell it, so really start acknowledging the fact that there is more to you than you may currently be aware of. Once you shift your focus and actually allow your higher self to join the party, life will really get started. Dimming your light through a lack of self belief does absolutely no one any favours. Who and what are you playing small for?


At any given moment, you can decide to change your narrative

Literally. In the exact same moment you’re reading this, you can change your story and decide to become the person you desire to be. One new decision at a time. In order to keep up the momentum, you’re going to need a whole load of self belief. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re ready for serious change, you’re going to need to keep your mind up to speed with the new version of you. Your mind will inevitably create doubts due to what you’ve told it up until that point, but it’s up to you to stand firm in your belief, knowing the reasons behind your mind’s ever-so-convincing attempts to self-sabotage.  


There is someone, somewhere out there who needs exactly what you have to offer to the world

I mentioned in a previous post that some of us are under the illusion that life is meant to be this big struggle and that somehow the more you struggle, the more worthy and deserving you are of the rewards you reap. This mindset can really end up being a massive block in you journey to living out your truth. This isn’t to diminish the effect of hard work, but don’t disregard a certain talent or knack for something you have just because it comes easy to you. There are people in this world who would benefit greatly from the knowledge, talent and expertise that you specifically have. 

It can also be tempting to believe that something you have to offer has been done so many times so can’t possibly be necessary to anyone. Wrong. The very fact that it is YOU doing whatever it is that you’re doing makes the whole damn thing original. Extra specially exclusively original. I don’t care if there are 421,466,232 sewing tutorials on the internet – if you decide to do the same thing, putting your spin on it and staying true to who you are will attract those who are in alignment with and drawn to you and you will be as successful as you decide to be. There is more than enough room for us ALL to shine. Really believe that whatever you bring to the table is of value and watch how things begin to fall into place.


Belief speeds up action

When you KNOW that certain actions you take will deliver particular positive and beneficial outcomes, you do it. With some things, knowing that there’s a guaranteed reward in the end just seems to kick us into gear. Procrastination just doesn’t come into it. However, do you find that with some goals you set, you just can’t seem to keep up the momentum of getting things done? Or do you ever get a really good business or project idea, make really great plans and get started only for it to completely fizzle out after a short while after? I know this has happened to me countless times. A lot of people put this down to procrastination and seem to just weave this into their narrative, simply labeling themselves as a master procrastinator, but don’t really delve into the reasons behind their procrastination. 

Procrastination is very often centered around fear, lack of self belief and feelings of unworthiness. Really think about it. If you truly believed that what you were putting out into the world was absolutely going to make an impact and produce magnificent results, would you buckle down and do it? If you really believed you were providing unique and unparalleled value, would you push through and make yourself get on with what you know you need to do? Do you believe that you actually have the power to create and sustain an extraordinary life? Procrastination is often us simply giving into the doubts of our minds (which are very limited in comparison to our inner guides/intuition). In order to push through, you’re going to need to up that self belief a couple of notches and put your spiritual brain in the driver’s seat. Continue to reaffirm this when your mind creates the doubts that it does and really watch your story change.


Stop waiting for permission to be who you want to be and stop waiting for someone else to do something first and to ‘test the waters’ before you decide it’s okay for you to do it too. We are all born equal; with the same tools inside of us to live meaningful lives that we love. Knowing this, work to let go of and release any thoughts, behaviors and limiting beliefs you have that are getting in the way of where you’re heading. 


Today and every day, affirm that you are powerful, worthy and capable of achieving whatever it is that your heart is set on.


I’m Olivia.

I create meaningful and impactful written content for brands and individuals who want to make a positive difference in the world. 

I’m a writer, creative and entrepreneur who repeatedly plunges herself into risky situations in pursuit of an extraordinary life.     

Here’s a bit of a backstory about how I got here.

I’ve always been ‘creative’. However, I haven’t always known what I’ve wanted to do.

As humans we tend to get boxed in… or box ourselves in… and create all these rules and regulations around what we ‘should’ be doing instead of using the very talents that we have (and come easy to us) to make a living. 

Somewhere along the line we got it into our heads that life is meant to be difficult. Because…if it’s easy it’s too good to be true, right? No. 

Writing comes easily to me. 

It’s what I love and is how I believe I express myself the best (get on the wrong side of me and prepare to receive a lengthy essay detailing my thoughts feelings on the matter).

This is not to diminish the necessity of hard work; focus, determination, mastering your craft and moving through fears, doubts and other obstacles takes work – but quite often, the skills themselves are already within us. We’re just ignoring them, looking for something else – just anything – out there that’s going to make our lives even harder than we already think they are… *crickets*

Anyway, my writing skills have lead me to writing for other people and business who need content from someone who simply has a way with words

And I LOVE what I do.

So have a wander around my site – head over to my blog where you can really see my words in action and if you happen to need a hand with some content, head on over here to see how we can work together.