Anthony & Sopha


A marriage is between 3 people - Man, Woman, and God, and it's the God in him that won her over. Meet Anthony and Sopha, the loving couple from Dallas, TX. Getting married is one thing, staying married is another. Growing a marriage requires work and compromise; the effort of both spouses engaging each other mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's their faith that draws Anthony and Sopha closer to each other.


"I love his heart for the Lord. I love how he is constantly serving and mentoring young men through the sport of Basketball."  According to Sopha, Anthony has an enormous heart, making him love hard and do anything for anyone because that's just the kind of man he is. Supportive, caring and ready to help when ever needed. And Anthony? He adores Sopha, admitting she has one of the most beautiful smiles he's ever seen, her spirit radiating from within, and her compassion something to emulate. That type of selfless love she has for empowering and inspiring others makes Anthony love her more each day.

I love that my wife doesn’t know a stranger. She loves everyone she meets.
— Anthony

So what do these two lovebirds enjoy doing together the most? Having hectic work schedules during the week limits the amount of time Anthony and Sopha get to spend with each other, so they make it a point to designate Saturdays for some lazy love lounging by hanging out and watching movies.


"A typical Saturday results in us making a fort in our living room and binge watching our favorite TVs shows," says Sopha. Being a creative and married to a creative, one can imagine the musing this love breeds. Sopha explains she enjoys capturing Anthony while he is behind the camera working. "There's something special about seeing Anthony photographing that makes me happy." Nothing like gazing at the one you love create beautiful art right? They also enjoy working out together, trying out new things together, and praying together. They also compromise on the things that the other wouldn’t normally do, like doing outdoor activities because that’s what Sopha loves, or doing something inside because that what Anthony enjoys. 

This is black love. The kind of couple you look at and can't help but to feel the love they have for each other, and the kind of love that you cheer them on from the sidelines because black love is communal. They are what we hashtag #goals: he protects her love and she nurtures his soul.

"Black love is beautiful. To us, its embracing and appreciating who we are and where we come from. It's celebrating as a culture, black families taking back what belongs to them.  Destroying this image of broken homes and statistics that have labeled our communities as impoverished. It's celebrating the beauty in seeing black families empower, inspire, and rise above all circumstances that were set up against them. It's celebrating the role models who give others hope in healthy love. Black love is magic and I am so thankful we get to celebrate and own our blackness."

Keep on showing off what we know to be true, that black love prevalent and alive. Follow Sopha and Anthony on IG!