The Good The Bad & You: Are You Ready for Mr. Right?


When it comes to relationships, there's the good, the bad, and You. You want the good but you keep meeting the bad. It looks like there are no good men left. You are at the point where you're ready to just give up on it all. The question is how much of it is YOU?

We start dating at a young age. In most cases well before we are mature. We don't even know enough to know what to look for. If it looks good to us that is all that matters. By the time you know what you should have, it's too late.

Think about how many "Mr. Wrongs" you had to meet before you knew what you didn't want. The disappointments and heartaches you went through were lessons. Throughout the process, you were learning about the good, the bad, and You. Or at least that's what should have happened.

You have to be ready for him and not just want him. The worst thing that can happen is meeting Mr. Right before you have gotten over Mr. Wrong.
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Some restrictions may apply! NOW ON SALE!

The problem is, most people never see themselves. It's always the other person. They don't even consider the fact they picked that person. Even when someone is not good for you or to you, you are still a part of the equation. After you've chosen the wrong person enough times, there's just no good ones left. You begin to develop an "I will just accept it" mindset. Expectations are lowered and before you know it, you just want a MAN. This will cause even more emotional damage.

When you finally realize you deserve better, there will be a wall built up. No matter how good someone is, it will be hard for you to see it.  Even the good will look bad to you. Their honesty will look like game. Their efforts will only be because they want something from you.  Remember, even no-good men know what a good man is supposed to do.

This is why after a failed relationship, time alone is important. You have to do a self-examination. Find out how much of what went wrong was you. You will have to take some responsibility, even if it was just being attracted to them. Take the time to fix you. If you're not willing to take these steps, you may not be ready for Mr. Right. If you meet him in that same mindset, you will lose him. You have to be ready for him and not just want him. The worst thing that can happen is meeting "Mr. Right" before you have gotten over "Mr. Wrong."


A motivational speaker, author, and one of the country's premier relationship and life coaches with a mission to help black people get this thing called love right.  Prescribing antidotes to heal wounds of self love and romantic love, the self proclaimed Love Dr.  Rob creates personalized plans for clients to help them make a healthy emotional transition