One Night Stand - The After Her Effect by Love Doctor Rob  


It's funny how many men don't realize that they were the one night stand. I have listened to them brag. The story is always the same. They smashed her and didn't call her after. They never stop to think she didn't call them either.

Imagine the shot a man's ego takes when he realizes the script has been flipped. All the game he thinks he has ran and it was run on him. She is actually the one with the game. She knew what she wanted and got it. While he was lying and scheming she had already planned to give him some and not call him again.

One night stands are common these days. No one is even shy about them anymore. Even with that being said a lot of men still believe it is all about them. Their minds won't let them think that it is a two-way street. She was so into him that she gave in to him. He got what he wanted and he doesn't have to deal with her after. Not one time does he imagine she is feeling the same way.

A lot of men are aware that more women are in touch with their sexuality. The immature men figure that means that is only a benefit to them. They don't have to work as hard to get it, nor do they have to stay with them after. It is a win-win situation for them. Poor little tink tink, if only he knew.

The fact is many women have decided they want the sex without a headache. The headache is generally the person attached to the sex. They don't have to put up with the lies, b.s., and games. The already know what it is so when she is done she keeps it moving. Point blank ain't nobody got time for that. Though it is not every man, too many of them have played games with women. It is easier to just THINK LIKE A MAN. Men get what they want and leave all the time. If they do it why can't a woman do the same thing? She has needs too.

I'm not saying it is right. Karma is real and what goes around does eventually come around. The irony is what happens when it does come around. It is a whole different world when the shoe is on the other foot. Most men are used to being the predator and not the prey. The minute a woman does it to him she is a whole hoe out here. That's why he does what he does. You can't trust no of these women. He is scarred for life.

The sad part is this didn't just start happening. Men have been put in this position more times than they know. It is not until they meet that one that they want to call back that they notice it. That's when they feel the After Her Effect.