Where Do We Begin Men?


Let them tell it, there’s no such thing as a faithful man. Him being a whore is just in his nature, so you just got to let him do him. That’s the B.S. that has many women messed up now. Because they assume that every man is going to be unfaithful, it doesn’t make sense for them to be. That’s cool, until you meet a REAL MAN. In all honesty, as young men we do a lot of dumb stuff. Our biggest problem is nobody ever taught us the importance of loving one woman. We are encouraged to have as many women as we can. The more women we have, the more man we are. Having received this misguided information and passing it down generations, you then question why so many of us have problems with fidelity. Our fathers walk around with stars on their chest when they see us behaving like this. Even many of our mothers have reinforced that same stereotype. Whether it’s hearing her say that's just what men do or watching her stay with a man who's cheating, it has a psychological impact on you. Conditioned to think if it was good enough for my mother, it’s good enough for you too.

In so many ways, society has allowed us the freedom to disrespect our women and ourselves. We are given a double standard and expected to figure out which is right. Treat her like you would want somebody to treat your mom, sister, or daughter; but cheating on her, not taking care of her emotions - that’s part of being a man.  Add all that up and tell me how is a man, any man supposed to know how to value his woman.

There is a time at some point many of us grow up.  We begin to long for something more. And as we mature emotionally, we develop a whole new respect for our feelings and the women involved in our lives. The scary part is at that point you have caused so much emotional damage, the one you want to love can’t love you back. 

There's a lot of adult males out here, but few REAL MEN. These grown adolescents are still running around putting more value on quantity than quality. They're still not sure of who they are, running from their emotions, and are afraid somebody might one day see their pain.  However, that REAL MAN, he understands it's his emotions that makes him a man.  He knows it’s not about how many women he’s had more of, it's about how he treats the woman he has. Once he has hit that emotional growth spurt, not only does his value of himself increase, so does everything and everyone around him. Simply put, if you never had a Real Man, you better get you one.


A motivational speaker, author, and one of the country's premier relationship and life coaches with a mission to help black people get this thing called love right.  Prescribing antidotes to heal wounds of self love and romantic love, the self proclaimed Love Dr.  Rob creates personalized plans for clients to help them make a healthy emotional transition