The Best King Cake in New Orleans


Every year around this time we all want the same thing, king cakes! In New Orleans for carnival season, we buy king cakes to celebrate. There’s a plastic mini baby inside the king cake and if you get the piece with the baby, you have to buy the next one. The tradition of buying a king cake dates back to IDK...but I do know a good King Cake can change your entire life. If you ask most people where to get the best king cake, they’ll refer you to Manny Randazzo’s, Duong Phong Oriental Bakery, and Antoine’s Famous Cakes. I admit, at one point I was a hypebeast and I used to stand in those loooooong Manny Randazzo’s lines like most of y’all UNTIL I got upgraded. And this wasn’t a close contest at all, it was actually TOO EASY! So, I present to you my choice for the the best king cake in New Orleans...

….drum roll please.......


Not Too Fancy Bakery!  Now I know what you’re thinking, “I haven’t even heard of not too fancy bakery,” “Why they fancy?” “Drake kinda fancy or ya girl from the Jamie Foxx show kinda Fancy?”. BUT that’s why you have me. I take culinary risk for the culture. I’m a professional culinary risk taker, habitual line crosser, hotstepper and lyrical gangsta, MURDERER! I’ll save that story for another day.

Remember the colors of Mardi Gras - purple, green and gold? They have the traditional king cake with those icing flavors but that’s not their only flavor. They’ve combined our love for pralines, aka pecan candy, with king cakes and created a “Salted Caramel and Candied Pecan King Cake.” See! That’s kinda fancy but NOT TOO fancy lol (I couldn’t help it, my bad). The problem with some king cakes is the cinnamon bread they’re baked on.  It’s very heavy and filling so you can’t really eat a lot of it but Not Too Fancy's is light and flaky, which is much better. Imagine eating a king cake made out of a cinnamon croissant topped with a sugar glaze, candied pecans, caramel and lightly filled with cream cheese.  Pretty much a tasteful explosion in your mouth. 



It makes you hum “Big Chief” while eating it. Don’t ask me how I know this, not one of my proudest moments.

Obsessive is a word that probably best describes how I feel about this king cake. It was gone in 4 days. All but two pieces were eaten by me.  Am I ashamed?  Nope! Do I care if you judge?  Nope. Will I get another and eat that one as well? Yuup! The Bakery doesn’t have a store front so you order online and it gets shipped. If you are local, however, sometimes there is a pickup option available. I would suggest ordering a few days in advance of when you actually want it just to ensure you’ll be able to get one.

Not Too Fancy Bakery is my pick for the best King Cake if you ain’t get the point by now. And if you’re Uptown on Mardi Gras, I’ll have some to share. PULL UP! (Save your judging for those in the black robes 😂).

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ERON is our in house, self proclaimed "Professional Culinary Risk Taker for the culture". When he's not traveling and eating, he's producing music/film at 4th Floor. Born and raised Uptown, he's a proud New Orleanian.