Carie, Jonell & Adalynn

I first met Carie & Jonell back in 2014. They'd recently hired me to shoot their wedding, so this particular blog is personal for me. As a wedding photographer and empath, I am incredibly observant of my clients, and what I remember most about the initial meeting was their energy and the way they connected with another. When people are truly in love, it shows in their actions. Honestly, if I had to sum it up, it's almost magnetic: when she moved, he moved. His consideration for and gentleness with Jonell showed me that Carie was a man that took great care of the woman he was about marry. And Jonell? She's completely enamored by him, stating that his free spirit, positive and light hearted personality makes him a joy to be around. His support for her motivates Jonell to be her best self, and I think we can all agree that's the kind of love everyone deserves. There is a lot of respect and admiration between them, and I'm honored they they chose me to witness and document some of their most memorable moments: their wedding, pregnancy and even their first born, Adalynn Rose.

We continuously court one another, focusing on our relationship, personal goals and individual needs. I believe this makes for a great combination of a healthy life and relationship together. - Carie

One thing Carie and Jonell do is focus on the simple things that make them happy, essentially sustaining the foundation of their love. A few of the things they enjoy doing include experiencing new places together (they have an appreciation for the great outdoors), going on hikes and walks in the park as a family.

And how do they manage it all as a new family? According to Jonell, she has one answer: communication!

"Communicating each other's wants and needs really helps to keep us both happy and healthy". With the birth of their first born, Adalynn (also affectionately known as Addy), their bond strengthened for one another. Black love translates to the continuity of our people, and when we asked what black love meant to them, Carie believes that "black love is powerful, life changing and I am constantly reminding myself that we can manifest and influence change for generations to come."

Our love has grown to new heights with the birth of our daughter. Parenting is a new dynamic that has shown us so much favor! Our family means the world to us.
— Jonell

One thing I will always respect about love stories like theirs is that it will transcend time: this is only the beginning for the Steed Family, but the impact of their love will be felt for generations to come.


Photographs by XO Quinntographer and Amber Wedd Photography


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