2018 was a year laced with many high and lows with thankfully having one thing constant, the expansion of Black Men With Beards. In 365 days we traveled a lot more, produced events in different cites and revealed a new look, starting our new year a few month earlier with a new website! We took a few leaps of faith, sometimes falling flat on our faces, other times landing firmly on our feet in unknown territory, yet somehow we knew we belonged. We continued doing the work and found ourselves in new cities, Dallas, TX being one of them. Who knew there was such an eccentric culture of bearded black men dwelling among the Metroplex. With a budding beard culture and the gorgeousness of the city, we hosted few events in Dallas and began to create more content there, including our annual calendar. We hand selected 12 handsome bearded black men and created a lifestyle calendar that visually represents the array of black men with beards the city has to offer! In addition to their feature in the calendar, all the men are also contestants in our annual Beard Of The Year Award contest!

One winner will receive some dope products and accessories to not only enhance their beard, but also their style, taking home bragging rights as well as the 2019 BMWB Beard of the Year Trophy, and a Swag Bag filled with products from ICNC 38, Carter Isaiah and Doux Sept.

and The nominees are...

nuwamba - @iamnuwamba

Mr. February.jpg

Anthony - @thonygold

Mr. Marcus.jpg

marcus - @mr.wells__

Mr. April (1).jpg
Mr. May.jpg
Mr. June.jpg

Ronnie - @ronniereaux

Mr. July.jpg
Mr. August.jpg
Mr. September.jpg
Mr. October.jpg
Mr. November.jpg


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