Now's a good time for a trim...

It’s about to be a HOT summer for sure, and we recommend this seasonal transition from spring as the best time to give your beard a good trim down! Think about it; when was the last time you gave your beard a good cut? No, we’re not suggesting you cut it all off, but clipping off dead ends and thinning it out a bit for those of you with thick and fluffy beards allows a few things to happen for your benefit during the sweltering temps of summer . For starters, your skin gets a chance to breath a bit more, your facial hair follicles get a chance to to regrow in healthier, and you get a chance to really see #whatthatbearddo when nature has its course with the aid of your healthy beard maintenance, thus allowing your beard optimal flourishment during the summer months. If you’ve been thinking it’s about that time, you’re right - go ahead and cut some off. Here’s 3 grooming tips to go along with getting a beard trim.

  1. Find a barber who’s vested in beards.

    Depending on where you are in your beard journey, making the decision to cut any of it off is a huge deal. The quality of your cut can have a major impact on your beard’s overall health and appearance. If you’re bearded and going to a barber, your barber should offer quality beard care maintenance that you can take advantage of. Services that aid in the overall care of your beard like beard steaming and beard facials are also beneficial.

  2. Beard Trimmers are your friend.

    Keep in mind we highly recommend letting a professional cut on your beard for sure. But if you are confident in your skills, you can do yourself a favor by maintaining in at home. Nothing is worst than having food caught in your beard because your lips have become slightly covered. Not to mention that kiss isn’t as sexy with a mouth full of hair guys. Trim it down if we can no longer see your lips.

  3. Take care of your skin beneath!

    Right after a good trim down is the best time to reacquaint your skin into the mix. Good beard care habits start with consistently hydrating and moisturizing the skin beneath. If you choose to do a big or a closer than usual cut, irritation and itching are expected and you can nix both of those issues along with improving the overall health of your beard hair and skin with our ICNC 38 3-in-1 Elixir

Let us know in the comments how you care for your beard!