Does your beard have split ends? Here's what's causing them and how to avoid them in the future!


Split ends will cause your beard to feel a lot more rough and will probably feel incredibly uncomfortable - not just to you but also to those who come in contact with it.

Adding to that, split ends will ruin your whole look as it will make your beard appear unkempt and messy.

What causes you to get split ends is your beard follicles becoming too coarse and brittle which leads to the tips of the follicles eventually fraying. You have these glands called Sebaceous Glands at the root of every beard follicle. These glands are really tiny and can only produce a certain amount of Sebum Oil every day, and the amount differs from man to man. It is the Sebum Oil that keeps your hair follicles moisturized and feeling soft.

At some point your beard becomes too long for the Sebaceous Gland to produce enough Sebum Oil to cover the root and entire shaft of the beard follicles in order to keep it well nourished. The lack of nourishment causes the tip of your beard follicles in particular to dry out, becoming more brittle and course. This is what then leads to split ends and is the reason why Beard Oils come in handy. Beard Oils are a great supplement to the natural Sebum Oil that your skin is already producing.

Other causes of issues that lead to split ends are:

  • Excessive coloring. Whether for expressive reasons or to cover the greys, over coloring damages the hair follicles. If you must color, try to reduce the frequency and opt for coloring products that contain the least mount of harsh chemicals. And always be sure to nourish your beard with the right beard products

  • Blow drying your beard will dry the entire shaft of the follicle. What you want to do instead is pat your beard dry with a towel after you have given your beard a good wash.

To avoid the brittle ends splitting further down the hair follicle and causing more damage, it is wise to cut them off. Now for the frequency at which you should trim your split ends, this is entirely dependent on the overall health of your beard. When you do notice brittle, thin, dry ends, it may be worth trimming it down.

Tools needed for a solid trim sessions:

  • Comb for detangling

  • Scissors to trim the ends

  • Beard oil or moisturizer for softness and health


Steps to take when trimming your beard:

  1. Comb it out: Get all your hairs settled in one direction. Make sure to comb everywhere, from the moustache down to the bottom.

  2. Use the scissors: Cut away any strays and thin, brittle, dry looking tips.

  3. Finishing touch: Apply the beard oil or moisturizer. This will help keep your beard healthy and prevent them from drying out.