BEARDOLOGY by Beaute Dior: A Personalized Beard Experience and Grooming for Black Men

It comes as no surprise that beards are the trend and pretty much used in marketing campaigns all over (hey Shea Moisture) because lets be honest, we absolutely love beards right! But as much as we adore them, who's responsible for the proper TLC that allows black men and their beards to flourish for our oogling consumption? Just a few years ago men were just out here growing beards and having their barbers tend to them; and if you ask most men, setting an appointment for a "beard treatment" isn't the first, second or third thing people think of in regards to the upkeep of beards. However, there are some amazing estheticians and lady barbers who are passionate, equipped with training and who also have continuously educated themselves on hair and skin, particularly catering to black men. 

We set our focus on the services of Dominique aka Beaute Dior. She's created a service package focused on the care and maintenance of beards, and has dubbed herself and earned the name of a "Beardologist". She provides luxury maintenance and growth enhancing beard treatments and  facials for men in the Indianapolis area.

We asked Dominique why she decided to focus on beards, and she had this to say: I realized that there really weren't any customized services of sorts catering to that particular need for men. Men were relying on a barber to help maintain and sometimes grow a beard when the actuality of it was that beard growth really started with the health of the skin."

She knew there were men who would not only benefit from the very customized experience but she also new she could assist in a ways that promoted overall skin health.

We caught up with her to get some tips for for those guys who are currently participating in #NoShaveNovember, and those of you who are in need of a little go to for the winter months. 


It's better to moisturize your beards with a beard butter daily than it is an oil. Although there are many benefits to a daily beard oil, for optimal moisturizing, a beard butter tends to be lighter and seeps down into the pores without clogging them. Make sure you work the butter deep into the skin underneath your beard for optimal benefits.


Washing your beards with shampoo may get it clean, but could also be doing damage at the same time. Often these products aren't formulated with the key ingredients needed for a healthy beard. Dominique recommends using an all natural beard wash on your beard will do your beard due justice in not only cleaning but aiding in maintaining its moisture too. 

Beardology Tip:  Only wash your beard 2 to 3 times per week. Over washing is a thing and it can cause your hair to dry out more, defeating the purpose.


Some may say this is a personal preference but for the sake of logic, combing is far less harsh on the beard than brushing. Brushing especially with the wrong kind of bristle brush can pop or pull out hairs causing potential ingrown hair. Combing is a less harsh approach and allows you to start from the root, stimulating the follicles to enhance growth. Dominique recommends a wooden beard comb over plastic or metal options.


Dominique recommends that men exfoliate once a week. Exfoliating assists in the sloughing off dead skin cells, especially underneath and around the area of your beard. The build up of dead skin cells can lead to oily clogged pores. Exfoliating also promotes healthy skin as well as hair growth. If you don't know how to exfoliate, that is definitely a reason to book a beard treatment asaptual.


That's like a no brainer during November right, but if you must take to it, clip and trim preferably with shears. Tell your barber stay away, line ONLY and do not touch it. 

If you are in the Indianapolis area, you can experience this customized service during the month of November with 50% off gentlemen by booking by clicking here. Take advantage and treat that beard the way it needs deserves!