Black Superhero Series 'Black Lightning' Ranks As the Highest Premiered Show On the CW In 2 Years


After five decades as sidekicks, secondary characters and niche titles, the black superhero’s time has finally come. Timing could not be better in regards to the current and tense racial climate in America, because whether people like it not, we’re being forced to have a conversation and open dialogue about race relations across the world. Black Super Heroes aren’t anything new, but we haven’t seen one since Blade. Luke Cage and the eagerly anticipated Black Panther aren’t the only new super heroes on the block though; cue in Black Lightning and you have three major storylines centering what one would call Black Excellence in the comic book world in the last 18 months!

Jefferson Pierce, played by Cress Williams, has the power to control electricity and shoot lightning bolts from his hands. When Williams described Pierce, he is compared to Martin Luther King, but his alter ego Black Lightning is Malcolm X. “Non-violence is a great philosophy, and should always be the first resort, but sometimes you have to protect yourself. Sometimes you have to mess things up, be a little bit more active to get things done. The show hopefully poses that question.”

The show premiered on Tuesday, January 16th, bringing in huge numbers for The CW with a solid 0.8 rating among adults 18-49 and 2.3 million viewers. Will you be tuning in?