The Gentlemen's 8

A gentleman is not defined by the content of his wallet or the cute of his suit. He is defined by his manners and the content of his character.

A true gentleman is a respectable thing to be. By definition, he's strong, chivalrous, intellectual and posses an impeccable sense of style with a calm demeanor - and we all know dressing well is a form of good manners. Well, we are beyond proud and excited to present to you eight of the most stylish distinguished gentlemen who will serve as NOIR event ambassadors as well as your host for the evening. Meet the G8


A gentleman is a man who takes the initiative in noticing the details of his partner's expectations without instructions. 

Most memorable beard encounter:

"Had a lady literally come up and smell my beard as I gave her a hug. She wanted to see if I smelled as good as I looked she said."


A gentleman in my eyes is someone who embodies masculinity while still being caring, compassionate, chivalrous and kind. 

Most memorable beard encounter:

"A woman came up to me and first apologized and then said she just had a not so PG-13 moment visual and that she needed to change her underwear."


A gentleman is one who’s not afraid to be his true self, knowing that the full embodiment of his gifts and love for humanity will heal the world around him.

Most memorable beard encounter

"Meeting up with some of my bearded brothers in the NYC area for the first time and shooting a small campaign that would sweep social media. The most memorable part was the conversation, it was deep rooting in bettering our communities and adjusting how black men were viewed."


A gentleman is a confident, intelligent thoughtful, respectful and insightful person who walks the world not only in style but In example.

Most memorable beard encounter:

"A young lady came to me once and rubbed her face on my face, haha! We laughed, and we actually went on some dates after."


A gentleman is one who is smart, educated and very aware. He is one who takes care and provides for his family. A gentleman is one who takes pride in his appearance and pays great attention to details, and is well groomed. 

Most memorable beard encounter:

"Hahaha, I'd never forget!  While working at Coach, I had an elderly Asian man come up to me and rub my beard with both hands WITHOUT PERMISSION! Now although I was angry, he was elderly and also a tourist (he probably doesn't know our privacy standards) so I let it go and laughed it off. Lol!!!"


A gentleman is a man who has confidence and respect in everything that he does, and carries himself with a certain mystique that everyone gravitates to and respects.

Most memorable beard encounter:

LOL! I think my most memorable beard encounter had to be about a few weeks ago. I was in DC sitting at a bar and the bartender kept bringing me drinks, and each time I kept telling her I didn’t order these. Well these drinks were bought for me from this table of women sitting across from me at another table. They really appreciated my beard, but were nervous to approach me, so they kept sending me drinks."


A gentleman simply put is a man who is strong, intentional, thoughtful and aware of his power and position in his family , community and world around him.

Most memorable beard encounter:

"About a month ago I met a Canadian woman at a bar in Brooklyn who was very pleasant. We were standing outside waiting for her cab and we had a full 5-7 minutes session of her just intimately massaging and caressing the entirety of my beard. She had healing hands. The crazy thing is she derived more pleasure out of the experience than I did."


A man who does not only exemplify visual traits that are becoming of a gentleman (good grooming habits, great posture, great clothing), but a man that has mastered himself, who leads by positive example, who is chivalrous to women, and a teacher to the youth and who collaborates with his fellow man.

Most memorable beard encounter:

"I was in Philadelphia for my first major modeling gig. All of the designers liked my look. But passed on me because of my beard. They said I should cut it, because beards are seen as rugged, messy & grungy. One stylist took a chance for me and had me walk in his show. He has used me in more campaigns that has gotten me great exposure. Since then I’ve been in 3 magazines, features in style & beard blogs, movies & Netflix series and even on BET."