Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Black Men With Beards

We polled our followers asking them to give us one reason they love a black man with a beard. Overwhelmingly, and to no one's surprise here, most responses were simple: they're SEXY! Indeed, a black man with a beard's sex appeal is something no one can deny. But aside from our aesthetic attraction there's reasons deeper than what meets the eye. In a world where the black man is torn down for being himself, we're here to tell you otherwise.  Here are BMWB's Top 5 Reasons why we love black men with beards!

We love black men with beards because they are powerful.

There is something about the strength of a man, both physical and mental, that exudes from his beard and is to be appreciated. Power is attractive and whether you acknowledge it or not, you're a held to a higher standard because of that power. Own it my brother. 

We love black men with beards because he defies social norms with sophistication.

Owning one’s identity is encouraged, yet in a corporate world stifled. Many of men have had to cut off their beards for the sake of a "job." We're overjoyed to see an increasingly number of black men with beards in the workforce of any realm. The DGAF is suave and you all put on great shows when dotting foot out public. The beard is an extension of the well-rounded man you are and should not be used against you.

We love black men with beards because it shows his patience.

The time and dedication it takes to not only grow a beard, but keep and maintain one is a level of patience most men tend to say they don't have. BUT when we see full thick gorgeous beards all over the country we must disagree. There is a nurturing factor in it that sets black men with beards a part from the rest. Patience too is attractive. You got time?

We love black men with beards because it is the most masculine expression of a man.

Nothing says MAN like a man with a beard. Beards are made for men, and it exudes masculinity and virility. When you take the extra time to give your beard the TLC it deserves, your appearance speaks volumes to those who witness its greatness.

We love black men with beards because THEY FEEL GOOD!

Women all over our social media pages attest to the great feel a well-groomed beard has. Key words being WELL GROOMED. Fellas that’s a PLUS for you. Women can’t help but caress and love all over those beautiful coils of hair. We’re not talking about those mangled shags we see guys do for the sake of the trend. We’re talking about those BEARDS, those amazing well kept, godly adorned man hairs that drape your chiseled chins. If anyone ever has the audacity to tell you sotherwise, we want you to always remember these reasons.