Louis York

Claude Kelly be sanging! And Chuck Harmony know he be playing! Put these two musical geniuses together and you have the recipe and responsible parties for the hits we love across the music spectrum for the last 15 years. It's an honor to feature the creatively expressive group known as Louis York.

The amount of accolades among the mulit-Grammy nomiated prodcution/songwriting duo rolls like a never ending playlist to our lives. It would take more than a hour long conversation to hash it all out, but to familiarize you all with two of the most talented amazingly artistic men of our time, allow Black Men With Beards to enhance your musical knowledge and taste. 

Louis York makes feel good socially conscious music. No matter what the subject matter, heavy or light, it just feels good.
— Black Men With Beards

As successful songwriters and the embodiment of HITMAKER penning hit after hit for others, the formation was their response to the missing pieces they knew to be true and had been feeling in their hearts. The cross over into artist putting out your own music still gives them those "what if" jitters.

"Its like life or death every time you put out a song." Ultimately breaking from behind the scenes to main stage, it wasn't just a choice, it was a necessity. As Claude would put it: Music is art and there really is no other choice but to create. Louis York was something they had to do for the love and life of one thing, GREAT music. If you were to listen to either of the LPs you would find it very hard to pinpoint the type of album Louis York created. They did an amazing job creating music while remaining confident in their artistry.  

During our interview, I put the men in a fast break situation by calling out words and asking them to say the first thing that came to mind. Their answers are just a better peek into the mindsets of these black creatives. These men are focused on breaking barriers and creating new normals for other black men in the world. In speaking with the gentlemen more in depth we learned their look and approach is strategic to the messages they want to send out to other black men globally, that being colorful and being smart is OK. There is no hyper masculinity code that is indicative to the black man. 

”I think of creation”
— Chuck Harmony
”A dangerous good, the most feared and the most valued”
— Louis York

"Nerds" is from their debut album Masterpiece Theater- Act 1 release in 2015 and is by far one of our favorites from the duo. The song is not only musically arranged impeccably, the visuals are an eye treat, creatively displaying the woes and perils from a place we personally can relate to. I recall my own awkward little black girl moment of awkwardness which was also coupled with color-ism and body consciousness. 

“Nerds isn't just a song, it's a call to action. We had to make sure the visual was equally as powerful. We all feel a little nerdy at times and it helps to have a song that reminds you that you are okay being who you are,” stated by Claude . “Standing up for what you believe in can be scary and this video let's all the weirdos know that we are right there with them, wondering if we're making our heroes proud and trying to figure out how to be better for ourselves and the world.”

With their follow up release Masterpiece Theater: Act II, they revved up the musical creativity and left the genre niche at the door. From pop and R&B to gospel and rock, Louis York has given their listeners something everyone can listen to. Our favorite joints from this project is Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes. The 90s r&b jazzy hip hoppie melodic  jam is something you can ride to, get dress to or just throw on to get the party vibes started. We look forward to more music and amazing videos coming from Louis York.