How dope would it be to dress in all white and ride glowing bikes in and around New Orleans during one of the biggest festival weekends celebrating black excellence. Its exactly what Black Men With Beards and a gang of our supporters who were in town for Essence Fest 2017 did Saturday evening. Guided by none other than the bike life ambassadors, Getup N Ride NOLA, we took to the streets looking like angels and bent a few corners pedaling across those cobble stone streets of the French Quarters. Get Up N Ride NOLA, a company specializing in social bike rides, bike rentals, and tours of New Orleans is owned and operated by to young black bearded entrepreneurs Blake Owens and Nick Reed.  These guys have cultivated and opened the eyes of many to an elevated experience one likes to call- BIKE LIFE. 

Our culture did not really ride bikes after childhood, therefore most of us had forgotten how fun it was. This was the reason why almost everyone who comes out for bike night, leaves feeling like it was the most fun they had in a long time.   
— Blake Owens

What started out as a group of friends meeting up every Tuesday night bar hopping by pedal bike, has turned into a business, spawning rides as deep as 600 at one time, cycling all over the inner-city streets of New Orleans. The byproduct of their natural downtime is the cultivation of a vibe and the nurturing of a community of people from all walks of life who share a few things in common. Who knew bikes could bring people together like this? What these men have been able to accomplish over the last year is nothing short of historical. People from across the country who were already fascinated with the city now have a way to experience it like never before, on a bike! Building long lasting relationships with every bar and eatery the riders frequent and leaving life long memories in the hearts of those who ride - do yourself a favor and put this on your bucket list. 

Outside of how fun it is, there is also a sense of calm and community building within. These gentlemen have a system in place providing safety, guidance and security. The rides are still mysterious in nature as the routes are never disclosed, yet the city receives them. The energy of the riders ricochets off each glowing wheel lit, from the route to the stops along the way at some the best watering holes the city of New Orleans has to offer, Get Up N Ride NOLA is a black owned business we proudly endorse and are excited to be able to share with all of you. Of course we had to ask a few signature BMWB questions. 

BMWB: What are you most proud of?

Nick:  Being black and coming from where I do but using that as motivation to be successful in realms I never could have imagined is what I'm most proud of.

BMWB:  What do you feel about the social climate of black men in America?

Blake:  I feel we are making just as much progress as we are going backwards. Some things are the fault of other races or classes holding us down, and others are the fault of our own. We are the most interesting and diverse race on this planet, but our stereotype is too often basic and ignorant.

We salute these men on their historical journey. In addition to the Tuesday Night rides, Get Up N Ride NOLA also offers special edition tours and  are available for private group rides from birthdays to corporate events, click here to contact for more information.