BMWB Celebrates Black Fatherhood

BMWB Black Fatherhood


Black men are often portrayed as deadbeat and absent. As women who grew up in homes with our fathers, we understand the importance of Black Fatherhood and how it helps navigate the lives of their children. We want to help dispel that perception. We are excited to bring to you some of the most adorable moments from our recent collaboration with Creative Soul Photography, honoring some amazing black fathers with beards this Father's Day!


Shaun Woodly, Ph. D.


It would be to lead by example and never, ever take anything for granted. Also, know that fatherhood is a learning process in and of itself, and one must embrace new knowledge in order to grow, but trust yourself as well. Lastly, to understand that every moment is an opportunity to give love to your child, help him or her learn, and be great at the same time.

Leslie Lewis

Being a father has impacted my life, because my daughters have made me a better person. I've grown so much since having my them. It's my responsibility to lead them to Christ and model how a good man is supposed to treat them. I'm the first example of a good man they see, and I want them to know that daddy is a man of God, patient, generous and loving.

DeAngelo Ellison


Becoming a father has taught me so many things beyond measure. It appears that my children look to me for guidance when in fact they are leading the way. As my children grow I've continued to grow.

Derrick Morton

Its impacted my life in so many ways, its help be smart about my time and how we spend it as a family. Its helped me to start planning ahead and being proactive about what to expect from my them. Its has also and most importantly inspired me to make an impact in his life being just being 'daddy'. It helped me to realize that the most important thing you can do as a father is to create experiences and memories with your kids such as spending more on vacations and trips to foreign lands and spending less on toys and objects.

Omar Kinnebrew


I have been given a higher level of joy. Landon just makes everything better, brighter, more enjoyable. I also have a greater purpose as a father because I (along with my wife) am responsible to guiding him on a path to becoming the best man he can possibly be.