My Fluffy Puffs Beard Review


There's a new oil in town and it goes by the name of Regal 7 Growth Oil, an all natural product from My Fluffy Puffs. It boasts that Regal 7 Growth Oil is a concentrated formula created with 7 natural oils working harmoniously to offer the hair all the goods - Omegas 3, 6 and 9 along with a healthy dose of Vitamins A through D.  Now that we have all the science behind the oil out of the way, lets get to the goods: is it worth it? We tried The Regal 7 Growth Oil on one of our bearded guys and over the last 30 days, and he's been relying on this solely when it comes to hydration and shine.

After day one, we were impressed with the high gloss finish the oil provided as well as how long the product lasted through out the day. Our guy is an early riser and gets his day going at 4:30 AM. On day one, by the time he was closing his work day at 3:00 PM, his beard looked and felt as good as it did when he first applied the oil.  Over the course of four few weeks, he consistently applied the oil every morning after his normal beard routine. By the end of a month's usage, Regal 7 Growth Oil proved to stand up to its day one results. Although there is no noticeable change in the length of the beard, it did appear to be fuller. As it's a concentrated oil that packs a powerful punch, a little goes a really long way.

With proper beard wash and conditioning, following up with the Regal 7 Growth Oil after helps make your beard more manageable.  The oil softened our guy's beard hair enough to run a beard comb or brush through it. Because of its thickness, it can take a little time to work it through to the root of the hair. We recommend using a dime size drop no larger in the palm of your hand, rubbing them together to heat the oil up a tad before applying. Make sure you get as close to your face as you can without touching it.  The oil's potency tends to seep pass the beard into the pores of your skin. It's also great for those dry winter days, but not so great if you already have oily skin. Gentleman if that's you, pack light. 

The over all consensus is, its a winner! For those of you who don't suffer with oily skin and are looking for an oil that's concentrated, proven to keep its luster for hours, and has all natural properties which stimulates hair growth, Regal 7 Growth Oil may be the one for you.