2017 Beard of the Year: Keith Williams

 Photo by  Chaunna Henry

Photo by Chaunna Henry

Black Men With Beards is proud to announce KEITH WILLIAMS as our 2017 Bear Of The Year Winner!  Our very own "Mr. April" is a full time photographer and factory work who
enjoys the art of barbering, working out, and in his spare time is a bit of a techie.
We caught up with Keith on New Year's to congratulate him and get a bit of insight on the man and his beard.

BMWB: So Keith, tell us a little bit about yourself?

KEITH: I've never been good at speaking about myself unless I'm asked a specific question about my personality haha! But to start off, I'd say I'm very selfless. I'm passionate about life and anything I'm invested in, But I'm not a push-over. I'm big on self-respect and respect for others. I consider myself an "Outgoing Introvert." It's a real term I promise you! I'm not the biggest sports fanatic, but I love watching. I've played almost every organized sport but tennis, soccer and hockey. Track & Field is by far my favorite sport and basketball being the next. I've always been an intellectual...and pretty nerdy at that. I geek off of anything that has to do with tech. I love reading books and articles, but only those that can enlighten me on life and mind management. I'm not into books that "take me away" from life, It's the books that keep me awake and intact with life that I enjoy. I'm very family oriented and I take my friendships seriously. I love dancing, (Locking, waving, gliding & almost any style of choreo) but...I'm retired, for now at least! I have a good history of drawing and painting as well. Still-life, anime and graffiti were my strong suits. I believe that your talent is anything that's done the best with the least amount of effort. God gifted me/us in many ways or one. My gift back to him is doing something with it.

BMWB: Why'd you grow your beard?

KEITH: I started to grow my beard November of 2014 for No Shave November, just to see how full it would get. And of all months, I thought November was the month to indulge in the challenge of not shaving all month long. Not getting a haircut all month long was already a challenge within itself! I was challenging my self discipline and I was pretty eager for a new look as I came from a baby face you couldn't imagine! As the month flew by, I happened to run by the real meaning behind "No Shave November" and that motivated me even more to let it grow. It was to bring awareness to those with cancer who aren't able to grow their hair anymore. Understanding that I'm blessed and fortunate to grow my hair, I've donated a months worth of money that I would typically use to get my haircut, to a Cancer Charity.

BMWB:  What's your beard regimen?

KEITH:  As far as maintaining my beard, I won't allow it to get longer than my current beard length because of the amount of professional functions I frequent. Its just my preference. Sometimes I'll let it grow for 2 weeks or another month without hesitation. Doing that actually helped my beard fill-in in areas that were patchy. It's also hard to not wash my beard everyday because of my job at the warehouse and going to the gym everyday. I currently use "Beard Butter" from "Fresh Beards." I always apply it while my beard is still damp from showering, never while its dry. After that, I blow dry it while picking it out for a more full and healthy look.

BMWB:  What organizations are you a part of?

KEITH:  I stand behind 2 brands of my own, one being "1080Clientele Photography" which is everything from studio to wedding photography. And the other is "Immaculate Nights Events Exposure" which is only for "Party Type Events" whether it be Day or Night parties. "Immaculate Nights" can be found on Facebook. As far as being a part of an organization, I'm a partner with one of WNY's premier event connoisseur's "Enkore Entertainment" @PartyWithEnkore.

BMWB:  What are your goals and aspirations?

KEITH:  One major goal I'm currently working towards is moving to California within the year. Somewhere around LA to be almost exact. I plan to expand my business. It's a much bigger market for photography in Cali than it is in Buffalo. The appreciation and pay-out is bigger and there's a lot more opportunities. However, when it comes to aspirations-my list starts with my hobbies. I can't do something just for the heck of it for too much longer after I've mastered it. Beyond those, I do have an interest in acting and modeling in men's fashion. I'm currently putting myself in a position to have the look for any opportunity that comes my way.