Colin Kaepernick is Black History

To kick of our ode to Black History, leading the way to our Beard History Month (and because it is Super Bowl Weekend), we couldn't think of a more fitting bearded black man than Colin Kaepernick. He won our hearts over when he took a very bold stance on racial inequality and the obscene number of  black men being killed at the hands of police across the country. An exemplary beacon of peaceful protesting, from sitting alone to kneeling on the sideline during the Star Spangled Banner at games, to putting his money ($1 Million to be exact) into various organizations that help promote social justice. Even at the risk of his career and even his life, Kaepernick continues to be the change our society desperately needs by leading by example.


In 2016, Colin fully funded the Know Your Rights Camp, a free campaign for youth to raise awareness on higher education, self empowerment, and instructions on how to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios.

No stranger to giving back, Colin is also very active as the head of Camp Taylor, a free medically supervised camp for children with heart disease founded by his parents in 2002. 

Upon receiving his first NFL paycheck, Colin asked his parents to find a charity that supports children with heart disease to gift a portion of his first check to. Thus, a friendship was born between Camp Taylor and the Kaepernick family and over the past five years the Camp Taylor family & the Kaepernick family have formed a tight friendship and bond. Colin often refers to heart campers as “His Kids” and the kids love him!
— Camp Taylor

Colin is paving the way to being not only a positive role model, but also creating a ripple effect that our people will feel years to come!