Issa Rae's "Insecure" featured Bearded Cast

If you don't have HBO, you need to get on it now! "Insecure", a more adulterated version of Issa Rae's infamous "Awkward Black Girl" is a hit! Considered a prequel to #BlackGirlMagic, Issa had this to say about the naming of the show:

"There’s this narrative going around that’s awesome that black women are fierce, they’re strong they’re flawless and I don’t know that life and my friends definitely don’t know that life,” the 31-year-old writer said. “So I wanted to center a show around weak black women and the uncertainty that they feel on that journey to get to greatness. It’s like the prequel to Black Girl Magic.”

"Insecure" follows the life of Issa, her friends and the hardships we face everyday in life as black women and men. Wildly funny, the show is easy to relate to, and the music selection is super dope thanks to Sol-Angel. What we also appreciate about the show and it's almost black cast though, are the fine bearded brothers - like, almost all of them! Check out some of this season's Bearded Cast.

Meet Jay Ellis, also known as Lawrence. He plays Issa's "devoted" boyfriend, and someone who'd gotten comfortable in their long term relationship while struggling to get back on his feet and his business plans together. However, in the midst of him thinking he might lose his girl, he set aside his ego and got back into the work force while working on his own business aspirations. Described as the "nice guy" on the show, Lawrence is fiercely loyal, intelligent and sweet, but if you hurt him, that nice guy goes out the window. I definitely can't wait to see what happens in season 2!

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Langston Kerman plays Jered, a good guy who tolerates Molly's nonsense, but only for a little awhile. What is interesting about his character was that he started conversations in real life about sexuality. During a "truthy" moment between the two of them, he admitted to letting another man perform oral sex on him. Molly couldn't get past it and decided to end things with him.

Y'lan Noel plays "Daniel", the temptation that we often find in our DMs. I think we've all had that blast from the past that has tried to come back, only it was hard for Issa's character to keep him at bay. I know I wasn't the only one at the edge of my seat when he showed up at Issa's fundraiser, and still shocked when Lawrence put two and two together that they had slept together.

Last on our Featured Beard List is Jidenna, or mostly himself: sexy, bearded and oh-so dapper! He plays Chris, one of Molly's many love interests. Things seemed to be going well until Chris caught himself trying to save Molly from further embarrassing herself. We thoroughly enjoyed him and his beard for the two episodes he was in.